2017 Keynote Speaker (2018 Keynote Speaker TBA)

Dr. Mary Montgomery, Associate Professor and Chair of the Biology Department at Macalester College, will give a talk on gene editing, probably the most exciting thing happening in biology this year! 

Professor Montgomery studies regulation of gene expression, specifically the mechanisms underlying a form of gene silencing called RNA interference. She is starting a new research project using the genome editing tool Cas9 to study regulationof maternally-expressed genes in the genetic model organism C. elegans and other closely-related nematodes. Professor Montgomery is also a Health Professions advisor.

Courses: Genetics, Developmental Biology, Research in Molecular Biology, Clinical Genetics, Senior Seminar

Research: Animal development, molecular genetics, evolution of developmental mechanisms

BA: Immaculata College (Biology); PhD: University of Southern California (Biological Sciences); Post-doc: Carnegie Institution of Washington, Embryology Department