Breakout Sessions

2019 Breakout Sessions

Student Break-out Sessions:

Session 1 only: “Changing the World through Science” - Dr. Handelsman will describe her scientific career as she moved from the University to the White House and back again.

Sessions 1 & 2: Graduate Student Panel - Julia Leone (conservation biology), Brian Trieu (MD / PhD), Becky Rodriguez (chemistry), and Joel Updyke (pharmaceutics)

Sessions 1 & 2: Industry Professional Panel of Scientists and Engineers - Rob Hecker (Sr Field Service Engineer at Sciex), Jennifer Reinhart (Engineer at Boston Scientific), Molly Smith (Technical Service Specialist at 3M), and Dr. Richard Walsh (Sr Staff Scientist at Ecolab)

Sessions 1 & 2: Fab Lab Tour - 3D Bioprinting with Daniel Sorby (University of Minnesota)

Faculty Break-out Sessions:

Session 1: “Bringing Antibiotic Discovery and Student Research into the Curriculum” - Connect with Tiny Earth Network Instructors to share best practices and learn about opportunities.

Session 2: “The Fallacy of Fairness: Unconscious Bias in Science” - Dr. Jo Handelsman will discuss current research in science education.



Dr. Ishuan Li explains the latest information on salaries in the sciences at the 2018 Winchell Symposium.