Special Thanks to our 2019 Judges:  

Dr. Dave Blackburn, Century College
Dr. L. Karuna Chintapenta, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Paul Dykes, Century College
Dr. Jerry Husak, University of St. Thomas
Dr. Karen Klyczek, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
Dr. Tami McDonald, St. Catherine University
Dr. Mark Rutherford, University of Minnesota - St. Paul
Dr. Heather Sklenicka, Rochester Community and Technical College
Dr. Aeisha Thomas, Crown College
Dr. Amy Verhoeven, University of St. Thomas
Dr. Joseph West, Winona State University


The Annual Meeting and Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium gives undergraduate students the opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from professional scientists in their field. Students are evaluated on the quality of their abstract, research, and presentation skills. The exact format of the judging or evaluation varies from year to year but the overarching goal remains the same:  to provide students with the opportunity to present their research to professionals and receive feedback.

Professional scientists can help encourage excellence in undergraduate research by volunteering to give feedback at the symposium. Evaluators read student abstracts, observe student presentations, and submit brief written evaluations and feedback for students. Judges/evaluators must hold an advanced degree (or be a current advanced graduate student) and have research experience.

If you are interested in volunteering to be an evaluator at the Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium, please contact laramaupin@mnmas.org.