Advisors, volunteers, judges and guests can register through midnight April 15.

February 1, 2017 - Registration opens  
March 15, 2017 – Priority abstract submission deadline
April 1, 2017 – Final registration deadline for students

If you missed the April 1 deadline, you still have until midnight Thursday, April 6 to register! 

April 15, 2017– Final registration deadline for advisors, guests and judges 

The priority abstract submission and registration deadline is midnight on March 15, 2017.

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Students who complete registration or submit abstracts after March 15 will be charged a late fee of $10. This is to encourage students to complete their registration on time to allow adequate time for the Planning Committee to compile the program booklet and journal of abstracts. Because other attendees are not included in the program or the journal, they have a later registration deadline.

Registration Fees

Undergraduate student presenters and observers student presenters and observers


Advisors, professionals, and graduate students


Public and friends and family (does not include lunch)


*Students who register or submit abstracts after March 15 will be charged a late fee of $10.

Photography Notice

Please be aware that by participating in a Minnesota Academy of Science sponsored event, you are automatically authorizing the Minnesota Academy of Science and its staff, agents, assignees, and affiliates to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or videos that include your image, likeness, or voice without compensation.

This material will become the property of the Minnesota Academy of Science and may be used online and in various print publications. This material will only be used for lawful purposes, including publicizing the Minnesota Academy of Science and its programs. If you have any questions about photography at the event, please contact

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Refunds or cancellations must be requested in writing by emailing two weeks prior to the event. Refunds will not be given after that date unless there are extenuating circumstances. Requests based on extenuating circumstances must be made in writing by emailing before the program start date. No refunds will be given for late fees.

Privacy Policy

We will not share your personal or credit card information with any third parties.

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