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The 2016 Broadcom MASTERS selected 300 middle school students from a pool of 2,343 entrants and more than 6,000 nominees from fairs across the U.S. Seven Minnesota students were named semifinalists. 

Minnesota students who advanced 

Apet, Maasia Grade: 8
Murray Middle School, St. Paul, MN
Project Title: Biomass to Biofuel!

Brouwer, Julia Grade: 7
Calvin Christian School, Edina, MN
Project Title: Leafy Green Astronauts: How Space Radiation Affects Seed Germination and Plant Growth

Eggebraaten, Noah Grade: 6
John Adams Middle School, Rochester, MN
Project Title: A Study of the Use of Aeroponics to Produce Food in a Space Environment
Qureshi, Emmarah Grade: 8
Al-Amal School, Fridley, MN
Project Title: Building and Testing on an Artificial Stomach

Rajamani, Anindita Grade: 7
Capitol Hill Magnet, Saint Paul, MN
Project Title: Fast Food Assistant: A Smartphone App for Healthy Fast Food Choices

Roy, Supriya Grade: 6
Friedell Middle School, Rochester, MN
Project Title: Just the Right Combination

Vogel, Max Grade: 8
Oak-Land Jr. High, Lake Elmo, MN
Project Title: Got Gas V2: A Follow-up Investigation into the Efficiency of Ethanol

Semifinalists were selected from more than 6,000 nominees and 2,343 applicants. Each application received three independent readings and evaluations by distinguished scientists, engineers and educators. Nominees qualified to enter the Broadcom MASTERS by being among the top 10 percent of the participants at their Society-affiliated science fairs. Semifinalists hailed from 250 middle schools in 37 states and represented 126 regional and state science fairs across the U.S.

From the pool of 300 semifinalists, 10 percent were selected as Broadcom MASTERS. None of the Minnesota students earned that honor in 2016. Here is the list of 30 finalists.