Who knows their STEM facts?

There were 37 teams of uniquely bright STEM high school students competing at Macalester College on January 21, 2017, for the annual High School Science Bowl championship. Here are some of them, including winners of the day. (Pictured, the always uniquely dressed Albany #1 team.)

The high school team that won the Civility Award for the 2017 Minnesota High School Bowl was Chanhassen #2 team, pictured here with their coach.

A snapshot of views from the all-girls Team 2 from Albany, which had this to say about the experience and their futures:

  • Sammy Schneider, 11th grade: "Science is the background of most of the things I do. I am always on the farm or working with vehicles, and science is the background of both of those. I plan on becoming a large animal vet. Competition is a fun side activity for me, since most of my time is put into FFA, but it is something I enjoy. It's a great way to get more exposure from the science field."
  • Miranda Breth, 11th grade: "I'm not sure what career I want, but I know that it will involve science. A contest like this helps to open my eyes so I can see different things. It also helps me to open up. I enjoy trying new things."
  • Anna Panek, 11th grade: "The math questions were my favorite. The competition really boosted my confidence. Even though we didn't win every round, getting questions right made me feel good. Being only one of two all-girls team was also great. I hope to see more next year when I go back. Even if I may not directly go into the science field, I want to encourage my peers to do so. There are great opportunities out there!"

Part of the Albany team pictured left to right: Anna Panek, Madison Springer, Morgan Stommes, Sammy Schneider


Some of the voices from Parnassus:

  • Paula Pickett, 10th grade: "I would like to become an aerospace engineer — I love learning about outer space, math, and I like puzzles and other brain games. A competition like this gives me an excuse to study what I want without getting in trouble because I have other homework to do."
  • Karthik Subramanian, 9th grade: "I intend on using computational science in my career. The Bowl prepares and urges me to study a specific branch of science, which is beneficial for my future." 
  • Pranav Rupireddy, 10th grade: "I am interested in physics and engineering. Bowl is fun for me. It helps me see where I stand in science alongside other Minnesotans."

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