Award Winners

The top ten papers will receive:

A $200 cash prize
A medallion 
Publication in the Minnesota Academy of Science Journal of Student Research.

2018 High School STEM Communicator Award Winners

Addison Gleekel & Melinda Samaratunga                 Breck School

Catherine Pirtle & Lana Trautman                             Breck School

Cole Maxwell                                                             Breck School

David Ahrens, Cas Roland & Christiana Wilke         Breck School

Louise Kim & Spencer Yueh                                     Breck School

Nathan Tank & Dylan Vincent                                   Breck School

Rohan Patel                                                              Mayo High School

Samuel Aronson & Alex Cheng                                Breck School

Samuel Leville & Abigail Roh                                    Breck School

Thomas Peterson & Kylie Spangler                          Breck School

2018 Honorable Mentions

Aaron Bae                                                                 Breck School

Abhiraj Singh                                                             Wayzata High School

Abigail Smith                                                             Cloquet Senior High

Akash Nagapurkar                                                    Wayzata High School

Claire Taubman                                                         Cloquet Senior High

Emily Carr                                                                  Breck School

Katelyn France                                                          Hinckley-Finlayson High School

Maya Czeneszew & Erica Illiarski                             Breck School

Morgan Smith & Jordin Weisz                                  Cloquet Senior High

 Siyuan Ma & Alex Anderson                                     Breck School

 2017 High School STEM Communicator Awards winners

Sung Wan Huh and Jiaheng (Julien) He


Cole Maxwell and Maggie Scott


Cheyenne Bailey

Park Christian School, Moorhead

Archana Murali


Addison Gleekel and Hyunsoo Brian Song


Emma Wells

Cloquet High School

Karthik Papisetty and Jyotirmya Kumar


Raunak Vijayakar and Elena Berman


Isabella Jennings and Melinda Samaratunga


Samuel Aronson and Siyuan Ma 




Honorable Mention


Maya Czeneszew and Samuel Rex


Claire Taubman

Cloquet High School

Serena Laing and Elise Anhorn

Orono HS

Seyade Tadele and Cassidy Yueh


Morgan Smith and Jordin Weisz

Cloquet High School

Alma Jorgenson

Clinton Graceville Beardsley HS

Abigail Smith

Cloquet High School

Genevieve Weiler


Harini Kethar

Minnetonka High School

Grant Parrish and James Williams IV


2016 High School STEM Communicator Awards winners

Carlos A. Sanchez and Jiahao Liang: “Real-time Human Breath Analysis Designing an Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometer for the Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds.”
Darartu Gamada: “Identifying Gene Function in Antibody Mediated Kidney Rejection.”
Elena Berman and Archana MuralI: “Window to the Brain: Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Disease Using Retinal Biomarkers.”
Emelia Topp-Johnson: “Behind the Kernels III: An Evaluation of Fungal Endophytes of Maize and their Hypothesized Mitigation of Temperature.”
Isabella Jennings and Cole Maxwell: “Biomolecular Modeling, Simulation, and Design of a Bivalent CB2-CCR5 Ligand for the Potential Treatment of HIV/AIDS in the Brain.”
Madeline McCue and Evelyn McChesney: “Engineering a Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Probiotic via Inclusion of Antimicrobial Peptide-encoding DNA, Year Two.”
Meghana Iyer: “Bioengineering the Lung: Investigating the Effects of a Lung Extracellular Matrix on the Growth and Differentiation of Stem Cells into Definitive Endoderm.”
Prashant Godishala and Brennan Clark: “Predicting a Cancerous Outcome: 
Creating a Novel Test for Assessing Risk of Human Papilloma Virus-Associated Oropharyngeal Cancer.”
Samuel Rex and Genevieve Weiler: “Printing an Organ: Developing a Protocol to Bioprint a Gastro-esophageal Junction.”
Sarah Carlson and Siddarth Eswaraachi: “Cleaner Water: Investigating Homogentisate Chemotaxis Receptors in Pseudomanas Putida F1 for Bioremediaton of Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Year Two.”

2015 High School STEM Communicator Awards winners

Jonah Butler
Siddarth Eswarachari & Moira Southern
Darartu Gamada & Zhuang Miao
Prashant Godishala & Brennan Clark
Ishita Kamboj
Grace Kirkpatrick & Annie McFarland
Rustam Kosherbay
Easton McChesney & Wolfgang Ofstedal
Grant Two Bulls
Leighton Zhao


2014 High School STEM Communicator Awards winners

Neehar Banerjee
Claire Drysdale
Luis Guzman & Julia Joern
Sofie Kim & Jacob Levy
Matthew McMillan & Peter Metzger
Amrita Mohanty
Priyanka Narayan
Elisa Villafaña
Elliott Weiler
Patricia Zhao & Madison Ernst


2013 High School STEM Communicator Awards winners

Redeat Abegaz, Burnsville High School
Greer Bingham, Breck School
Sarah Davidson, Burnsville High School
Paige Dempsey, Breck School
Abby Erdmann, Breck School
Kira Hinz, Breck School
Priyanka Narayan, Wayzata High School
Suraj Shah, Burnsville High School
Claire Simpson, Breck School
Elliott Weiler, Breck School
Emily Wollmuth, Burnsville High School