Archives 1873-1890


Notes on the Geology of Mankato: A Pre-Glacial River Channel
A.F. Bechdolt

The Water of Artesian Wells; Its Quality and the Possibility of its Becoming a Source of Supply in Minnesota
C.N. Hewitt

A Brief History of Copper Mining in Minnesota
C.W. Hall

The Lithological Characters of the Trenton Limestone of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, with a Note on the Borings of the West Hotel Artesian Well
C.W. Hall

The Geological Conditions Which Control Artesian Well Boring in Southeastern Minnesota
C.W. Hall

An Account of the Tornado Which Visited Saint Cloud, Minnesota, April 14, 1886
C.W. Hall

Evidences of Early Man in Northeastern Minnesota
George R. Stuntz

The Mound Builders in Northeastern Minnesota; Their Occupations and Routes of Travel
George R. Stuntz

Some Analyses of Northwestern Coals
J.A. Dodge

Some Algae of Minnesota Supposed to be Poisonous
J.C. Arthur

The Water of the Mississippi River
James A. Dodge

An Analysis of Filtered Water
James A. Dodge

The Water Supply of Minneapolis
James A. Dodge, C.L. Herrick, and C.W. Hall

Notes on the Flora of Western Dakota and Eastern Montana Adjacent to the Northern Pacific Railroad
John B. Leiberg

Notes on the Forest Region of Northern Idaho
John B. Leiberg

Some Notes Upon the More Recent Fossil Flora of North Dakota and an Inquiry into the Causes That Have Led to the Development of the Treeless Areas of the Northwest
John B. Leiberg

Notes on Some of the Rarer Plants Found in Blue Earth and Pipestone Counties, Minnesota, During the Summer of 1882
John Leiberg

A Missionary's Notes on a Silicified Wood from Pyramid Park
L.J. Hauge

Notice of the Discovery of Lingula and Paradoxides in the Red Quartzites of Minnesota
N.H. Winchell

On the Reproduction of Lost or Mutilated Limbs of Insects
O.W. Oestlund

Some Early Philadelphia Botanists; Schweintz, Nuttall, Rafinesque and Darlington
W.E. Leonard

Changes in the Currents of the Ice of the Last Glacial Epoch in Eastern Minnesota
Warren Upham

The Topography and Altitude of Minnesota
Warren Upham

Description of Maps Showing the Climate, Geography and Geology of Minnesota
Warren Upham