Archives 1971-1980

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 1

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Glacial Drift Stratigraphy: New London-Spicer Area, Minnesota
Anderson, D.B., & Soroka, L.G.
Pages 6-8
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Acid Rains: Implications for Agriculture
Rawate, P.D.
Page 9
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Use of Peat Hydrolysate for Cultivation of the Yeast, Candida utilis
Denny, J.S., & Good, A.G.
Pages 10-12
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Ultrastructural Features of Spicules of Five Species of Minnesota Sponges
Rollins, L.A., & Hyland, L.C.
Pages 13-15
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A Technique for Collecting Water Samples Under Extreme Winter Conditions
Carlson, J.B., & Ahlgren, G.E.
Pages 16-17
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Observations of Diatom Populations in the Snake River, Minnesota
Kaddatz, D.G., & Knutson, K.M.
Pages 18-20
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Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 2

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Winter Sampling of Benthic Stream Fishes in Minnesota With a One-Man Net
Erickson, J.E.
Pages 2-3
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Nesting Ecology of The Red-Winged Blackbird in North Central Minnesota
Moulton, D.W.
Pages 4-6
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The Market For Winter Skiing in Two Minnesota Areas
Sielaff, R.O.
Pages 7-8
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Association of Aquatic Insects to Macrophytes in an Agricultural Drainage Ditch
King, K., Fylpaa, J., & Quade, H.W.
Pages 9-12
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The Demographic Characteristics of 1860 New Ulm, Minnesota, Germans
Hickey, J.J., & Steinhauser, F.R.
Pages 12-15
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A Comparative Water Quality Study of Man-Made Drainage and Natural Streams
Boyum, K.W.
Pages 16-18
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Vegetation Within A Portion of the Copper-Nickel Study Region
Sather, N.
Pages 19-21
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Land-Cover Changes in a River Valley in Blue Earth County, Minnesota, 1938-1974
Cowley, C.S.
Pages 22-23
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Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 3

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Age Study of Minnesota Red Fox Using Cementum Annulae Counts and Tooth X-rays
Simon, D.E., & Frydendall, M.J.
Pages 2-5
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Seismic Survey of Buried Bedrock Topography in the Cannon River Valley
Vick, T.D., Greilich, G., & Seltzer, Go.O.
Pages 6-9
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A Survey of Water Flow in Drainage Ditches and Streams in South Central Minnesota
Pierce, C., & Thompson, B.
Pages 10-12
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Some Optimal Growth Media For Use In The Botany Classroom
Sundberg, M.D.
Page 13
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Forest, Animal, and Seasonal Cycles Observed in Vernal Ponds at Audubon Center
Link, M.
Pages 14-16
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