Archives 1971-1980

Thanks to Bruce Mulder's team at Independent School District 287 for helping to digitize many years of our historical print journal archives. This batch is now complete. Click on tab for a list of articles contained in the journal, as well as a link to the PDF.

Sample titles:

  • Nickel mining and the BWCA: A question of priorities (Walter Parham), 1972, Volume 38, No. 2&3
  • Moral and ethical dilemmas of science in the 1970s (Yvonne Condell), 1973, Volume 39, No. 1 
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul mean temperatures and standard deviations, 1820-1974, from 1977 journal, Volume 43, No. 1
  • Space-time in the creative process (Kathleen Cooper), 1978, Vol. 44, No. 3


Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1970, Volume 37, No. 1

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  • Annual Meeting Symposium: The management of science
  • The Littlefork burial: New light on old copper
  • White-tailed Deer in Southeastern Minnesota: Winter observations (Robert D. Dorn)
  • Looking at wolves as scientific subjects (John McClung)
  • Survival of hand-reared mallards in farm ponds (Lawrence L. Thomforde)
  • Movement of Franklin's ground squirrels in a coniferous forest (Jerome D. Robbins)
  • Video tape use in a micro-teaching methods course (Robert C. Baker)
  • Student attitudes toward personalized instruction (Earl L. Lamont)
  • Parental participation in a sex education program (Musab U. Siddiqi)
  • Annual precipitation regime of Minnesota (Richard H. Skaggs)
  • Postwar industrial locations in Minneapolis-St. Paul area (Roger Prestwich)
  • Role of the health aid in a reservation program (Peter Hackett)
  • Divorce practices among some North American Indian tribes (George E. Dickinson)
  • Feudalism, estate and prebendalism in "pre-modern" Korea (Han Gu Kim)
  • Incidence of trematode infection of snails in a small lake (Ellen Shaffer)
  • Skull key to adult Minnesota mammals (Carl H. Ernst)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1972, Volume 38, No. 1

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  • Floristic study of grouse production in the Mille Lacs wildlife area (Michael Scanlon)
  • Fishes of the Yellow Medicine river in Southwestern Minnesota (Carl Ernst)
  • Scirpus validus and S. acutus: a question of distinctness (Marlyn Miller, E.O. Beal)
  • A computer analysis of relationships between orders of Chrysophyta (David Olds)
  • Deciduous trees of Minnesota, a winter key (Thomas Morley)
  • Pine reproduction in Itasca State Park; analysis in moisture-nutrient coordinators (Vilis Kurmis, Henry Hansen)
  • Size-structure correlation in developing roots of Cissus and Syngonium (David Berquam)
  • Higher fungi of Minnesota, II (Margaret Weaver and Robert Shaffer)
  • Toward an energy policy (Dean Abrahamson)
  • An experimental introductory course for prospective secondary science teachers (Marjorie Boeck)
  • Influence of soil acidity on the occurrence of Athiorhodacaea (Eville Gorham and Douglas Pratt)
  • A computer simulation model for prediction of voting in the U.N. (Dorothy Dodge)
  • Handling and distribution considerations in world grain food supply (Richard Fulmer)
  • Blood chemistry values for some fishes of the Upper Mississippi river (Joseph Hunn)
  • Mouth brooding behavior in the substrate spawning Chichlid, Tilapia Sparrmani (Hollie Collins)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1972, Volume 38, No. 2&3

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  • A Finnish Riihi in Minnesota (Matti Kaups)
  • Migration and mortality of branded mourning doves (Lawrence Thomforde)
  • Biology of Chrysemys pica bellii in southwestern Minnesota (Carl Ernst and Evelyn Ernst)
  • Use of trawls for sampling fish (Howard Krosch)
  • Poriferan fauna of a Minnesota pond (Louise Rollins)
  • Aquatic stages of Strattiomys normula unilimbata Loew (Blanchard Krogstad)
  • Terrestrial isopods of Minnesota (James Sargent)
  • Sex induction in Equisetum arvense (Stephen Davis)
  • Effect of overstory removal on production of shrubs and sedge in a northern bog (James Brown)
  • A water quality survey (Dale McMichael)
  • Eutrophication and deterioration in river and lakes downstream from Bemidji (James Ludwig)
  • Nickel mining and the BWCA: A question of priorities (Walter Parham)
  • Some aspects of ties in Wilcoxon signed ranks (Kathleen Keenan)
  • The impact of religion on political development (Jooinn Lee)
  • Influence: a comparative study in three rural communities (David Slipley and Dennis Kleinsasser)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1973, Volume 39, No. 1

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  • Frost crack in Norway maple (D.W. French and J.S. Fuhs)
  • Experimentally induced muscle atrophy in the developing chick embryo (Michael Harris)
  • Discovery of the Northern Hog Sucker in the Ottertail River (Mark Otnes)
  • Activities of the advisory committee on scientific and natural areas (Robert Burwell)
  • Regulating the growth of an aquatic plant: Lemna perpusilla (Willard Koukhari and Stanley Duke)
  • Organization of the primary body of the root of cyclamen persicum mill (Marshall Sundberg)
  • Moral and ethical dilemmas of science in the 1970s (Yvonne Condell)
  • Effects of the bite of the short-tailed shrew (Howard Krosch)
  • A pycnometer of improved design (Richard Moore)
  • Food preparation of the Guambianos, a tribe in Columbia (Ana Margarita Dimock)
  • Minnesota task force helping to guide conversion to metric America 
  • Utopian communalism: a comparison of 19th and 20th century phenomena in the United States (Truman Wood)
  • Laterale Hollowell in Minnesota (David Kramer)
  • A basis for legislation to encourage conservation of automobile energy fuel (James Ludwig)
  • Distribution of comandra rust in Minnesota (Dale Bergdahl and D.W. French)
  • A study on conical rocket stabilization (Thomas Dombeck)
  • Synanthropic spiders (Areaneae) of the Twin Cities area (Bruce Cutler)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1975, Volume 41, No. 1

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  • T.C. Mits and the utility of science (Evan Hazard)
  • Evidence for a Glacial Lake Benson as interpreted from the soil survey (Raymond Dietrick and Richard Rust)
  • Observation and prediction of soil water under different types of vegetation (D.V. Wroblewski and D.F. Grigal)
  • Midsummer standing crops of wetland sedge meadows along a Transect5 from forest to prairie (Eville Gorham and John Bernard)
  • Status of continerized forest research in Minnesota (A.A. Alm)
  • Comparison of artificial substrates in bottom fauna studies on a large river (David McConville)
  • Limnological observations on a small river (Donald Kaddatz)
  • Studies on Schistosome Dermatitis (swimmer's itch) in Minnesota (Donald Gilbertson and Richard Wedlund)
  • Effect of feedlots on water quality (Ronald Cheetham, Alan Holmes, David Borreson)
  • Aquatic ascomycetes from Lake Itasca, Minnesota (A.R. Caveliere)
  • Delinquency adjustment in group homes (Nathan Mandel and H.K. Lee)
  • The social bias of trust in government (Ghulam Haniff)
  • Gravitation motion: an interaction? (Frank Meyer)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1976, Volume 42, No. 1

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  • Comparison of phototactic behavior of three populations of Drosophila Melanogaster (Ross Anderson)
  • AOA: A personal approach to environmental education (Michael Naylon)
  • Interactive statistical computing for undergrad liberal arts education (Becky Lindquist, William Carlson, Ralph Bjork)
  • Laboratory, Computer Programming, Audio-Visual or Lecture Method (Karin Ostrand)
  • Observation of physiological changes during transcendental meditation (Ron Boyer and Edwin Nordheim)
  • Hospital utilization in urban and rural counties (James Dingels)
  • Cemeteries of South Central Minnesota (Jane Pyle)
  • Where We Are At (Michael Baker)
  • Grain Sales to Russia: The Summer of '72 Revisited (R.J. Charkins)

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1976, Volume 42, No. 2

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Chemicals and Food: An Account About Additives
Noland, W.E., pages 3-7

Chlorofluorocarbon Effects on Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Respiratory Function
Olson, M.E., pages 8-10

Measurement of Permeability of the Cell Membrane in Water
Moore, R.; Thornburgh, F.; Jin, D., pages 11-14

Rapeseed Cultivation and Usage
Ahles, Sister M.D., pages 15-16

An Analysis of Cynicism Within Law Enforcement
Bublitz, E.G., pages 17-20

Nutritional Input by Precipitation in Northern Minnesota Ecosystems
Comerford, N.B. and White, E.H., pages 22-24

Wood-rotting Basidiomycetes: Itasca State Park Annotated List
Gilbertson, R.L. and Lombard, F.F., pages 25-31

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1977, Volume 43, No. 1

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Pollen of the Myricacaea: A Preliminary Report
Sundberg, M. D., pages 2-5

Rotifers in Lake Itasca
Helgen, J., page 6-11 (note: missing opening page 6)

A Method for Investigating TV Effect on Passivity/Activity of Crees
Granzberg, G., pages 13-17

Successive Month Temperature Relationships for Twin Cities
Fisk, C.J., pages 18-21

Compton's "Crucial Test" — Theoretical Preconceptions and Experimental Interpretation
Stuewer, R.H., pages 22-25

Atomic Numbers Revalued
Meyer, F.H., pages 26-27

Mammals of Southwestern Minnesota
Ernst, C.H. and French, L., pages 28-31

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1977, Volume 43, No. 2

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Revised Distribution Records of Some Minnesota Fishes
Anderson, C.P.; Erickson, J.E.; Ross, J.; Underhill, J.C., pages 3-6

The White Bass in Lake Superior
Hatch, J.T. and Clark, B.F., page 7

Impact of Dog Predation on Whitetailed Deer
Kreeder, T.J., pages 8-13

Phytoplankton in a Lake With Metalimnetic Oxygen Maximum
Gerhart, D.Z., pages 14-17

Presettlement Vegetation of the Nemadji River Basin
Koch, R.G.; Kapustka, L.A.; Koch, L.M., pages 19-23

Outdoor Recreation-based Lodging Enterprises in Hubbard County, Minnesota
Meyer, G.C., pages 24-27

Some Determinants of Productivity
Blitstein, Allen, pages 28-32

Is Classical Doctrine Relevant to Contemporary Economic Problems
Kahng, S.M. and Shelley, K., pages 33-35

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1977, Volume 43, No. 3

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Response of Setaria Faberii to High Lime Soils
Huang, N. Huang and Adams Jr., R.S., pages 2-5

Economic Impact of an Air Base on the Duluth-Superior Region
Jesswein, W.A. and Lichty, R.W., pages 6-9

On Manility and Serality
Wendt, H.W., pages 12-13

Partial Sterility in Drosophila Melanogaster; Schemes for Complex Chromosome Rearrangements
Knowles, R.V.; Richard, J.; Adams, C.; Lichtenfels, J.; Trauscht, R.; Husfield, R., pages 14-17

An Electrophoretic Study of Caecal Proteins of Clinostomum Marginatum (Trematoda)
Greenwalt, D.E. and Borchers, H.A., pages 18-20

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1978, Volume 44, No. 1

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  • St. Paul chosen as site of 1980 International Science & Engineering Fair
  • 3M officer to lead 1980 Fair
  • Three-time ISEF winner reflects on involvement in science fair program
  • 1980 ISEF logo theme is New Physics

Circadian Rhythms in Blood and Self: Measured Physiological Variable in Young People Ages 9-14
Rabatin, J., pages 21-22

Possible Pictorial Messages for Communication with Extraterrestial Intelligence
Vakoch, D., pages 23-25

Effects of Dieldrin on Chickens
Severson, S., pages 26-28

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1978, Volume 44, No. 2

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Nest Architecture of Polistine Wasps
Poff, J. M., pages 2-4

Energy Potential of Cattails (Typha spp.) and Productivity in Managed Stands
Andrews, N.J. and Pratt, D.C., pages 5-8

Some Effects of Prescribed Fire at Cedar Creek Natural History Area
Axelrod, A.N. and Irving, F.D., pages 9-11

Unialgal Growth of Anabaena and Dictyosphaerium in Lake Itasca
Mason, C.P., pages 12-13

Attempts to Enrich the Parasite Fauna of the European Corn Borer in Minnesota
Chiang, H.C. and Palmer, D.F., pages 15-17

New Towns as Laboratories of Democracy: Early American and British Experience
Barrett, R.A., pages 18-21

Contemporary Peace Research: From Utopia to Feasibility
Peterfi, W.O., pages 22-25

Effect of Behavioral Objectives on Student Achievement in Biology
Carlson, D.R., pages 26-28

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1978, Volume 44, No. 3

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Itasca State Park Wilderness Sanctuary: Joint Effort of Academy and State
Herhusky, J., pages 2-3

Vasectomization & Colloidal Particle Uptake by Cells of the Caput Epididymis
Smith, G. and Becker, W.A., pages 5-6

Fish Species, Some Uncommon, Collected From the Lower Minnesota River
Wilcox, D.B., Lorenz, B.D. and Kranz, V., pages 7-12

Occurrence of Corbicula Manilensis Phillipi in the Lower Minnesota River
Cummings, S. E., and Jones, J.A., pages 13-14

Space-Time in the Creative Process
Cooper, K., page 14

The Elongation of the Leaf of Cyclamen persicum Mill. (Cultivars)
Sundberg, M.D., pages 15-17

Effects of Nutrients on Productivity and Morphology of Typha angustifolia x latifolia
Bonnewall, V. and Pratt, D.C., pages 18-20

Dictyostelium Discoideum's 35-yaer Contribution to Growth of Biology: A Bibliometric Analysis
Hilmas, J. and Fluegel, W., pages 21-24

Thermal Shock Effects on Larvae of Caddis Fly Brachycentrus americanus
Salmela, J.A., and Anderson, R.L., pages 25-27

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1979, Volume 45, No. 1

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Lichen Deterioration About a Rural Coal-fired Steam Electric Station
Schmidt E.L., Zeyen, R.J., pages 2-5

Till Fabrics and Pedoturbations in Some Soils of Minnesota
McCormick, G.W., pages 6-7

Upland Sandpiper Nesting and Brood-bearing Habitat in Central Minnesota
Dorio, J.C. and Grewe, A.H, pages 8-11

Hierarchy, Systems and Geography
Pitzl, G.R., pages 12-16

A Study of Vertical and Horizontal Visibility Relationships Under Water
McCarthy, J.J., pages 17-19

A Reanalysis of Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) Sector Polarity and Adaptation Syndrome
Wendt, H.W., pages 20-23

Myxomycetes, an Annotated List of Samples Gathered from Itasca State Park
Palm, M.E., Stewart, E.L. and Haskins, E.F., pages 24

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1979, Volume 45, No. 2

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Science and Technology's Impact on Critical Social Issues
Haaland, J. E., page 2-5

In Vitro Experiments on Totipotency of Dacus Carota
Ruser, Karl L., page 6-7

Program to Re-establish and Study Prairie Grassland and Assess Effects of Fire
Eberley, L. W. and Dueholm, K. H., pages 8-11

Blue-Grass (Cyanophytal) Toxins
Mason, C. P., pages 12-13

Some Aboriginal Minnesota Names Derived from Asian Languages
Lawrence, D.B. and Jawadekar, M., pages 14-17

Shovelnose Sturgeon (Scaphirtynchus platoryhnchus) in the Minnesota River
Durkee, P., Paulson B. and Bellig, R., pages 18-20

Critical Areas Planning in Minnesota
Aichinger, Clifton J., pages 21-25

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1979, Volume 45, No. 3

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  • Special corporation to administer $150K international fair, page 2
  • ISEF: A rare chance to communicate with leaders in science, page 3
  • List of chairpersons for the 1980 annual meeting, page 8
Macroinvertebrate Populations in the Upper Mississippi River
McConville, D., pages 4-7
Planting Trees — Why Rather Than How
Cohn, A., pages 10-12
Identification of Cosmic Particles 3695 and 3015
Meyer, F. H. and Satz, R. W., pages 13-15
Photoperiodicity in Adsuki Beans, a Preliminary Report
Clapp, T.W., pages 16-17
Distribution and Ecology of Orconectes iowaenis Fitzpatrick and Orconetes rusticus (Girard) in Minnesota
Phillips, G.W. and Reis, L. A., pages 18-19

Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 1

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Glacial Drift Stratigraphy: New London-Spicer Area, Minnesota
Anderson, D.B., & Soroka, L.G.
Pages 6-8
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Acid Rains: Implications for Agriculture
Rawate, P.D.
Page 9
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Use of Peat Hydrolysate for Cultivation of the Yeast, Candida utilis
Denny, J.S., & Good, A.G.
Pages 10-12
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Ultrastructural Features of Spicules of Five Species of Minnesota Sponges
Rollins, L.A., & Hyland, L.C.
Pages 13-15
Download as PDF

A Technique for Collecting Water Samples Under Extreme Winter Conditions
Carlson, J.B., & Ahlgren, G.E.
Pages 16-17
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Observations of Diatom Populations in the Snake River, Minnesota
Kaddatz, D.G., & Knutson, K.M.
Pages 18-20
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Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 2

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Winter Sampling of Benthic Stream Fishes in Minnesota With a One-Man Net
Erickson, J.E.
Pages 2-3
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Nesting Ecology of The Red-Winged Blackbird in North Central Minnesota
Moulton, D.W.
Pages 4-6
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The Market For Winter Skiing in Two Minnesota Areas
Sielaff, R.O.
Pages 7-8
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Association of Aquatic Insects to Macrophytes in an Agricultural Drainage Ditch
King, K., Fylpaa, J., & Quade, H.W.
Pages 9-12
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The Demographic Characteristics of 1860 New Ulm, Minnesota, Germans
Hickey, J.J., & Steinhauser, F.R.
Pages 12-15
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A Comparative Water Quality Study of Man-Made Drainage and Natural Streams
Boyum, K.W.
Pages 16-18
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Vegetation Within A Portion of the Copper-Nickel Study Region
Sather, N.
Pages 19-21
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Land-Cover Changes in a River Valley in Blue Earth County, Minnesota, 1938-1974
Cowley, C.S.
Pages 22-23
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Journal of the Minnesota Academy of Science 1980, Volume 46, No. 3

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Age Study of Minnesota Red Fox Using Cementum Annulae Counts and Tooth X-rays
Simon, D.E., & Frydendall, M.J.
Pages 2-5
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Seismic Survey of Buried Bedrock Topography in the Cannon River Valley
Vick, T.D., Greilich, G., & Seltzer, Go.O.
Pages 6-9
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A Survey of Water Flow in Drainage Ditches and Streams in South Central Minnesota
Pierce, C., & Thompson, B.
Pages 10-12
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Some Optimal Growth Media For Use In The Botany Classroom
Sundberg, M.D.
Page 13
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Forest, Animal, and Seasonal Cycles Observed in Vernal Ponds at Audubon Center
Link, M.
Pages 14-16
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