Judging Criteria

Judges evaluate students’ projects on their contribution to their field of study, their design and methods, their study execution, their creativity and problem solving, and their presentation skills.

North Central Regional JSHS follows paper guidelines and rules and regulations from National JSHS.

2017 NATIONAL JSHS (Seven) CATEGORIES and subcategories

  1. Environmental science
    Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science/Engineering (Bioremediation, Ecosystems management, Environmental engineering, Land Resource Management, Pollution, toxicity; impact upon ecosystem)
  2. Life Sciences
    General biology, Plant Science, Animal Science, Biochemistry, and Microbiology
    (Developmental Biology, Plant Physiology, Virology, Genetics, Population Genetics, Systematics, General Biochemistry, Microbiology)
  3. Medicine & Health/Behavioral; Molecular/Cellular
    Behavioral sciences, Biochemistry, Metabolism, Molecular/Cellular;  Genetics, Enzymes, Bioengineering, Disease Diagnosis and Treatment, Epidemiology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Physiology, and Pathology

  4. Engineering and Technology
    Aerospace, Aerodynamics, Electrical Engineering, Energy - Solar, Vehicle Development, Devices, Mechanical Engineering, and Robotics

  5. Math and Computer Science, Computer Engineering
    Probability and Statistics, Math--Theoretical and/or Applied, Computer Science - Algorithms, Databases, Computer Science - Networking, and Computer Engineering

  6. Physics and Astronomy, Theoretical Math
    Astronomy and Physics
    (Computational Astronomy, Physics--Theoretical, Physics-- Solid State, Acoustics, Optics, Thermodynamics, Physics--particle physics, quantum physics, nuclear

  7. Chemistry
    Physical Chemistry, Materials, Alternative Fuels
    (Organic Chemistry (possibly in life science), Chemical Engineering, Earth Science--Geochemistry, Energy--Alternative Fuels, Material Science)

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