Judging Criteria

Name of Student: ___________________________________             Name of Judge: ______________________


TOTAL SCORE: _______/30


Judging Criteria

Possible Points

Points Awarded

Statement and identification of research problem

  • Is the problem clearly stated?
  • Does the presenter demonstrate understanding of existing knowledge about the research problem?

1-5 pts


Scientific thought, creativity, and originality

  • Process skills demonstrated by the student in the solution to the research problem and/or the research design
  • Student demonstrates his or her individual contributions to and understanding of the research problem
  • Level of effort

1-5 pts


Research design, procedures, materials, methods, and results

For scientific research projects only

  • Appropriateness of research design and procedures
  • Identification and control of variables
  • Reproducibility

For engineering projects only

  • Workable solutions that are acceptable to potential users
  • Recognition of economic feasibility of solution
  • Recognition of relationship between design and end product
  • Tested for performance under conditions of use
  • Results offer an improvement over previous alternatives

1-5 pts


Discussion and conclusions

  • Clarity in stating conclusion
  • Logical conclusion that is relevant to the research problem and results of experimentation or testing
  • Recognizes limits and significance of results
  • Evidence of student’s understanding of the scientific or technological principles
  • Theoretical or practical implications recognized
  • What was learned?

1-5 pts


Skill in communication research results

  • Clarity in communicating research results to non-specialized audience and to judges
  • Definition of terms as necessary
  • Appropriate use of audio-visuals
  • Response to questions from audience and judges

1-5 pts


Acknowledgement of sources and major assistance received

  • Did the student properly cite any sources referenced?
  • Did the student acknowledge their research advisors and/or lab assistants?

1-5 pts