Required Forms

Release and Waiver Forms

All North Central Regional JSHS attendees, including students, parents, teachers, and advisors, must submit Release and Waiver Forms. There are two sets of forms: 1) Student forms and 2) Adult forms.

(ONE SET ONLY is needed if you are competing in both program competitions, JSHS and State Science Fair).

All attendees must print out the appropriate set of Release and Waiver Forms, fill them out, and mail the completed and signed forms to the office.

Please make note of the new location and phone numbers.
Minnesota Academy of Science
970 Raymond Avenue, 
Suite 103
St. Paul, MN  55114

All forms must be received prior to the start of the competition.

Release and Waiver Forms are not part of the SRC forms; they do not need to be displayed on your board.

Student Liability Forms

Adult Liability Forms