Minnesota Technical Symposium

Details for the 2016 MinnTS will be announced when they become available.

MinnTS is a joint meeting of scientific and technical societies; the event combines networking with presentations on a wide range of topics. 

The 13th Annual Minnesota Technical Symposium (MinnTS) was held March 19th, 2015 at Medtronic Headquarters in Fridley, MN. The featured speakers at the 2015 MinnTS were Dr. Richard Danila and Marc Roe. Dr. Danila presented on the reasons why there has been a global emergence of infectious diseases in the last 20 years with an emphasis on the current Ebola Virus Disease outbreak and its implications for Minnesota. Protecting workers during an infectious disease outbreak presents challenges including selection, training and utilization of appropriate level of personal protective equipment (PPE). Each outbreak is unique and on many occasions there is debate around the potential modes of transmission leading to uncertainty in determining necessary PPE. Moreover, formal guidance from health authorities as to the appropriate PPE ensemble evolves as more information about the infectious disease becomes known. Once the level of the worker and tasks may provide unique challenges. These challenges will be discussed with regards to PPE design and selection.

Members of the Minnesota Academy of Science can attend MinnTS at a discounted price.