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Summer 2017
  • Board election news
  • Students go national
  • State Science & Engineering Fair results and images
  • Virtual Reality Science Salon
  • Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • New Entries: Journal of Student Research
  • Historical Highlights: Journal of MAS
  • High School STEM Communicator Awards
  • 2018 Dates!
MSSEF Highlights

A special highlights compilation of the 2017 Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair, including images and testimonials of what the experience means to students, from the perspective of their mentors.

Spring 2017
  • Thanks Volunteers!
  • Volunteer pictures
  • Science Bowl results
  • Students Answer: Why Science? 
  • Science Salon: EcoLab
  • Science Salon: Reinventing Cities
  • MinnTS: Virtual/augmented reality
  • COMING: Science Salon
  • COMING: Winchell Research Symposium
  • NEW: Journal of MAS 
  • CALL: High School STEM Award
  • CALL: Request for Stories
  • Staff Contacts
Fall/Winter 2016
  • Donations 
  • New Staff 
  • 2017 Volunteers Needed 
  • Opportunity for Students 
  • Minnesota Technical Symposium
  • Science Salon: Bee Lab
  • ALUMNI: Where Is She Now? Bethany Rosemore
  • PROGRAM: Journal of the MAS 
  • PROGRAM: High School STEM Award 
  • PROGRAM: Science Fair/JSHS 
  • Thank You Sponsors
  • Staff Contacts 
  • Request for Stories
Summer 2016
  • Message from the President
  • Science Salon
  • Winchell Symposium results 
  • National JSHS winner 
  • National Science Bowl 
  • Science Fair results 
  • International Science Fair 
  • High School STEM Award 
  • Student Thank Yous 
  • Profile: Girl Power 
  • Sponsorship Options 
Spring 2016
  • Message from Outgoing President 
  • Message from Incoming President
  • Science Salon: Infectious diseases
  • Program Alum: Logan Pallin in Antarctica
  • Minnesota Technical Symposium
  • Why We Volunteer 
  • Science Bowl images
  • Science Fair images
  • Junior Science & Humanities Symposium images
  • Coming Up: Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • STEM Award judges needed 
  • General Mills Keynote from Heidi Teoh
  • The Work of Our Sponsors 
  • Sponsorship Options
  • Financial Reporting
Fall/Winter 2015
  • Message from President: Citizen Science
  • Coming Up: Science Bowls in January and February
  • Science Salon with Dr. Fotis Sotiropoulos, St. Anthony Falls Lab
  • About: Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair 
  • Why We Volunteer
  • About: Junior Science & Humanities Symposium
  • About: Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium 
  • About: High School STEM Communicator Awards
  • In Their Own Words: 2015 STEM Winners
  • International Sustainable World (Energy, Engineering, and Environment) Project
  • Seagate Excellence in Science Mentoring Award 
  • From Parent to Mentor: Leveraging My Science Training to Help Youth Excel
  • Special Note From Augsburg
  • Matching Grant Information
  • Sponsorship Opportunities


Newsletter Summer 2015
  • How Sponsors Help Us Fulfill Our Mission
  • 3M Supports Science Fair from Day One
  • Seagate is Instrumental in Helping the State Science & Engineering Fair Promote Excellence in Science
  • Ecolab has a Long History of Believing in Students
  • Reviewing Student Research Papers
  • Learning from Peers at the Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium
  • My First (and Last) Science Fair
  • Team Minnesota Travels to Pittsburgh, PA for the 66th Annual Intel ISEF
  • It All Started with a Simple 6th Grade Science Experiment
Newsletter February 2015
  • Thank You, Volunteers!
  • Message from the President
  • Mayo Clinic Sports Med
  • Water Quality Sustainability
  • Science Bowl
  • Volunteers Needed
  • Financial Report
Newsletter Fall 2014
  • Your Support Can Make a Difference 
  • Message From the President 
  • Science Salon at the BioTechnology Institute 
  • Bioremediation of Fracking Wastewater 
  • The World of 3M Innovation 
  • Smith Hall Centennial 
  • Preserving and Digitizing the Journal
  • Minnesota Economic Association Undergraduate Paper Contest 
  • Carolyn Jons Wins National JSHS 
  • News and Announcements