2017 High School Science Bowl final rankings

A total of 185 students from 37 teams representing 20 schools participated in the tournament. Teams spent months preparing for the event that features head-to-head competition in a fast-paced question and answer format similar to the TV show, Jeopardy. The students were quizzed on questions in Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Energy, Mathematics and Physics. [MORE TEAM PHOTOS COMING]

First 16 in order

Edina 1

Wayzata 3

Edina 2

Wayzata 1


Blake 2

Minnetonka 2

Woodbury 2

Mounds View 2

Wayzata 2

Eden Prairie 1

Minnetonka 1

Chaska 2

Mounds View 1

St. Paul Academy 1

Parnassus 1

Maple Grove sent a team to the High School Science Bowl for the first time. Here's how team captain Taylor Nelson summed up the experience.

  • "I was surprised by how good some of the teams were. Some teams knew almost every answer to every question. They were very intimidating. Though, there were also teams that didn't answer many questions, and teams that couldn't answer many questions correctly. What I enjoyed? Answering questions that are challenging, and working within a team. I tried to be humorous about not being able to answer tough questions, which helped make the experience even better. I also liked that it is similar to Jeopardy, but on a team. You don't feel alone, or alone feel the burden of a loss. I would equate it to the same enjoyment that people get from playing sports, except, you're using your brain so much more. Practicing for the tournament is where most of the effort comes in. That is where the true fun and learning comes from. It provides for a fun and resume-building activity." Taylor intends to learn more in the sciences after he starts college next year — his favorites are physics and biology.
  • Teammate Anna Chabica is a ninth grader who is considering a career in medicine, with a particular interest in biology. "I want to help people the most I can for my career. I can only do so by knowing a lot, and participating in Science Bowl has helped me learn about all the branches of science." She added, "Science Bowl helps me meet people who have the same interests as me. Most of all, it's really fun and exciting to be part of."
  • Junior Alessandro Snyder said his passion is psychology. "While the Science Bowl doesn't involve psychology-related questions, and while many criticize psychology as a legitimate science, it's still a field that I find extremely interesting, and I plan to act on that interest by studying the topic further at a college. The unexplained areas of psychology fascinate me, and that's why I've always enjoyed science - because it explains the unexplained." He enjoyed preparing for Science Bowl because "many of the questions cover a broad base of all science topics, and many of the questions are rather obscure, which only really enhances the learning. Plus, it helps allow all different kinds of people get together to learn more about science for the competition."

Photo of Maple Grove team, left to right: Carter Herman, Missy Deisting, Taylor Nelson (standing), Anna Chabica, and Alessandro Snyder.

Did not make the cut for final 16

Eden Prairie 2

Chanhassen 1

Burnsville 1,2,3

Woodbury 1

Carlton 1

STP Acad 2

Chaska 1

Stillwater 1

Woodbury 3

Blake 1

Albany 1

Kennedy 1

Albany 2

St Anthony Village 1

Albany 3

Chanhassen 2

Harding 1

Jefferson 1

Harding 2