General Volunteers

Volunteers are needed to help out in a wide range of areas at the competition, including helping in the front office, entering data, helping with registration, and other fun and easy tasks.

When you general volunteer, this does not mean that you will have access to get into any of the activities/meals/or awards ceremonies. You must pay ala carte registration fees to access those individual areas.

General Volunteers will receive 3M gift bags at the end of their shift as a thank you very much for volunteering your time and talents.

General Volunteers will receive snacks at the end of their shift.

Volunteers will sign up for specific shifts and preferred duties. Orientation will be provided for you in each area. Our Volunteer Coordinator will try to get you your top choice, but based on how many people volunteer you might end up working in your second or third choice area.

All volunteers should be friendly and be able to provide exceptional customer service. Most shifts require standing and walking, but none involve heavy lifting. No experience is necessary for any of the shifts unless indicated. All volunteers should be able to work in a fun, fast-paced environment.

Parents, relatives, teachers of students competing, and K-12 students are not allowed to volunteer in Restricted-only Areas due to potential conflicts of interest.

Date that Volunteers are Needed: to come

Areas in which the duties will be performed but not limited to:

Help Desk
Answer questions, give directions, process financial transactions, and reprint name badges. Close attention to detail required.

Hand out name badges and registration bags and answer questions.

Display & Safety
 Overseeing the inspection of each project to ensure compliance with all Intel ISEF Display and Safety regulations. Of particular importance are:

  1. Size limitations.
  2. Safety regulations.
  3. Regulations for public viewing.
  4. Display of required forms.

Room Moderator 
Introduce student presenters, keep time for student presenters, stop the presentation when time runs out, and announce that time is up for judge questions. Must be comfortable speaking in front of a small audience and calling time. 

Hall Monitor
Monitor outside of presentation rooms to ensure that people are quiet in the halls during paper presentations. Must feel comfortable telling people to keep quiet during the presentations.

Judge Form Management and Organization (restricted to volunteers who do not know students competing)
Separate judge scoresheets from comment sheets, alphabetize papers, give directions to judges, and walk judge forms back to the office for data entry.

Data Entry (restricted to volunteers who do not know students competing)
Enter student scores to the database. Must have close attention to detail, intermediate to advanced Excel skills, and be able to enter numerical data quickly and accurately.

Student Packet Handout
Hand out alphabetized student packets and manage lines of students.

Workshop, Exhibit Door, and Meal Ticket Monitors
Check badges for students and adults to ensure they are registered for events and activities. Must feel comfortable telling people they are not able to participate without their badge.

Nightly Activity Moderator
Check badges for students and adults to ensure they are registered for events and activities. Must feel comfortable telling people they are not able to participate without their badge.

Dance Chaperone (Adult volunteers only)
Monitor the student dance from 9pm-12am on Saturday night.

Pool Monitor [Teachers Only]
Monitor the pool for safety of students. Must be a teacher who has undergone a background check by employer and who is trained in First Aid.


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