Minnesota Students Recognized at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair

Ten students from Minnesota received recognition for their research achievements at the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF). More than 1700 students from 70 countries, regions, and territories participated in ISEF. Of the 37 students representing Minnesota, 10 received an award.

Alanna Bram
John Marshall High School, Rochester (11th grade)
Determination of Factors that Impact Clearance of Suspended Particulate Matter (Dust) in Air
AWARD(S): 3rd Place National Aeronautics and Space Administration Award, 3rd Place Grand Award

Jonah Butler
Sibley East High School (11th grade)
Employing in situ Generated Peracetic Acid and Fungal Biosynthesis to Produce Biofuels
AWARD(S): Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, 2nd Place United Airlines Foundation Award, 2nd Place Grand Award

Michelle Campeau
Mayo High School, Rochester (11th Grade)
Comparative Evaluation of Electrical Strategies for Eradication of Staphylococcus epidermidis Biofilms
AWARD(S): 4rd Place Grand Award

Carolyn Jons
Eden Prairie High School (10th Grade)
Improved Efficiency of Steam Generation Using Carbon Nanoparticles
AWARD(S): 1st Place Grand Award

Matt Lerdahl
Coon Rapids High School (12th Grade)
Biofeedback Controller: Virtual Training for Myoelectric Transradial Prosthesis
AWARD(S): 3rd Place Grand Award

Priyanka Narayan
Wayzata High School (12th Grade)
Understanding the Mechanism behind Nanoparticle Enhanced Oral Absorption of Chemotherapeutic Drugs
AWARD(S): 3rd Place Grand Award

Christine Neumann and Crystal Moynan
Cloquet High School (10th grade)
What Effect Does Gender, Tone, and Sound Location Have on the Response Behavior of Neogobius melanostomus (Round Gobies) and the Possibility of Future Trapping of this Invasive Species?
AWARD(S): 1st Place American Veterinary Medical Association Award

Tim Renier
Duluth East High School (11th grade)
Hand Hygiene Gone Viral? A Study of Student Involvement in a Social Media Campaign as a Method of Bringing Hand Hygiene to the Masses
AWARD(S): 2nd Place American Psychological Association Award, 4th Place Grand Award

Jason Sylvestre
Benilde-St. Margaret’s School (12th Grade)
VoltX 2.0: A Rescue Robot that Can Locate and Extract Victims
AWARD(S): 3rd Place Grand Award