Scientific Review Committee (SRC) Forms

SRC Forms are required of all student presenters. SRC forms are used to verify that students' research is done following appropriate scientific methods. Each student fills out different forms depending on their research. Blank SRC forms come directly from the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) website.

Required SRC Forms

For help deciding which SRC forms are required for a project, use the Rules Wizard provided by the Society for Science & the Public.

While every student will have different SRC forms to submit, everyone must have at least these SRC Forms include:

  • Checklist for Adult Sponsor (1)
  • Student Checklist (1A)
  • Approval Form (1B)
  • Research Plan (Must include: Problem, Hypothesis, Procedure, Bibliography with 5 references - website references must include date viewed)
  • Abstract

Additional forms are required based on your specific project. Common additional forms include:

  • Work Done at an Institutional or Industrial Setting (1C)
  • Human Subjects (4)
  • Vertebrate Animals (51)
  • Potentially Hazardous Biological Agents (6A)
  • Continuation of an Earlier Project (7)

The Scientific Review Committee Process

  1. Students fill out SRC forms prior to competing at their Regional Science Fair.
  2. All students who advance to State should make sure that a working copy of their SRC forms are given to the Regional Science Fair Director. Students should make sure to keep the original SRC paperwork.
  3. The Regional Science Fair Directors mail student SRC forms to the Minnesota Academy of Science Office at 8700 West 36th Street, Suite 114W, St. Louis Park, MN 55426.
  4. If corrections need to be made, the State SRC will send the working copy back to the Regional Science Fair Director for students to make changes. There may be multiple rounds of changes that are needed.
  5. After the review is complete, students should bring a copy of their SRC Forms to the State Science & Engineering Fair.

Avoiding Common SRC Violations

  • Don’t forget to include your Bibliography.
  • Don’t forget to send your Research Plan.
  • Be careful about all dates on Form 1A, Form 1B, and Form 1C. Some dates must be before or after the start/end dates of your project. Read the directions carefully by each date field.
  • Make sure you have obtained all necessary signatures.