Sponsor an Award

What is the State Science & Engineering Fair?

Every year, approximately 25,000 students in grades 6-12 compete in local and regional science fairs throughout Minnesota. Roughly 500 students advance to participate in the State Science & Engineering Fair.

Why sponsor an award? 

By sponsoring an award at the State Science & Engineering Fair, you provide invaluable recognition for students’ scientific achievements. This recognition helps to inspire the next generation of researchers and innovators and provides an opportunity for your organization to encourage future employees to continue their research.

What types of awards can I sponsor? 

Companies and organizations can sponsor cash awards, scholarships for colleges, a summer research opportunity, mentor/mentee opportunity at your place of work or other prize packages. Please contact executive director Celia Waldock, celiawaldock@gmail.com, for other award options.

Does it cost anything to sponsor an award?

For cash awards or prize packages valued under $1,000 there will be a 10% administration fee that covers event planning and execution expenses, including printing, materials, speakers, meals, and supplies for judges. For cash awards or prize packages valued at $1,000, or greater there will be a flat fee of $100 for the administration costs detailed above. Please include this administration fee when sending your cash award or prize package to our office so that your award will be eligible for distribution. 

How do I sponsor an award?

To sponsor an award, contact Sara Gomez at saragomez@mnmas.org.