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Science Salon

Science Salon is a forum for professional scientists in Minnesota to stay current on groundbreaking research and emerging technologies, engage in cross-disciplinary social interactions and networking, and participate in philanthropic activities. The meeting format will vary and include: speakers, networking, science cafe, science quiz bowl and other activities. On Wednesday, May 20, 2015, Science Salon will host a seminar at Coffman Memorial Union featuring Dr. Efie Kokkoli, Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science (CEMS) at the University of Minnesota.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this Science Salon has been cancelled.

Annual Meeting & Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium

The Annual Meeting & Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium provides the opportunity for individuals involved in science to meet their colleagues in colleges, industry, and government and to hear or present the results of research with a regional emphasis. The event also allows a forum for undergraduate students to present their research to a broad audience. The meeting location is rotated throughout the state of MinnesotaThe 82nd Annual Meeting & 28th Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium was hosted on April 25, 2015 at the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, MN.  

State Science & Engineering Fair

The Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) is an annual program that showcases Minnesota's best and brightest students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). It is the culmination of Regional Science Fairs occurring throughout the state. Middle school students may participate with a project, a research paper or both; high school students may participate with a project. High school students wishing to present a research paper compete in the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS). PLease note that the order of the programs will be reversed next year. MSSEF will be held Friday-Sunday, March 20-22 and JSHS will be held Sunday-Monday, March 22-23. 

Science Bowl

Students compete in teams solving technical problems and answering questions in all branches of science and math. The one-day competition is conducted in a fast-paced question and answer format. Teams go head-to-head and ring in to answer questions, just like the TV show Jeopardy. Each team plays multiple games in a round robin tournament with the chance to advance to a double-elimination championship. The Minnesota Science Bowls are two separate events: one for middle school students (grades 6-8) and the other for high school students (grades 9-12). One winning team from each Science Bowl qualifies to represent Minnesota and compete at the National Science Bowl, hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy in Washington, D.C., all expenses paid.